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Dr. Joel Tudman

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Listen, Learn, Love, Speak A Guide to Communicating Openly

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Love Speak

A Guide to Communicating Openly

Listen, Learn, Love, Speak A Guide to Communicating Openly

Communication can be complex when adding openness and transparency to convey your most vulnerable concerns to others. Whether talking to a parent, partner, child, friend, coworker, or boss, the lines of communication can get crossed in tone, timing, and perspective, moving the person initiating the conversation onto a path of misunderstanding, frustration, and trauma eruption.

We live in a day where everyone wants to speak first and listen last. Observations show that men have stopped speaking, and women have stopped listening. Without warning, society is serving a narrative of toxic masculinity and femininity that impede the beauty of communication by closing our hearts and offering no grace to our humanity.


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Dr. Joel is on a mission to develop and cultivate leaders. He combines his knowledge of the worlds of communication and innovation with his experience in leadership to promote teams and ideas. As a Doctor of Leadership, he works to spearhead and expand teams, create meaningful content, encourage others to become their best selves and create new growth opportunities.

Dr. Joel is a mental health advocate that tours the country on a mission to heal men. He uses communication to design programs that build consistency, power, and strength in individuals seeking to excel in preparation, recovery, regeneration, and resiliency.

Dr. Joel’s ability to adapt his communication style in secular and sacred spaces has allowed him to bridge the gap between multiple generations, making him a fertile communicator.

His unique approach elicits honest and heartfelt responses from his audience while helping them connect with their Most Pivotal Self.

Dr. Joel A. Tudman

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